General Information for Hirers

Enquiries about venue availability and bookings can be directed to the Event Services Manager. Once your booking is contracted then the Event Services Manager provides a central contact point and enables you to plan your event and estimate costs in detail.
The Event Services Manager can offer advice on travel, parking, freight and accommodation as well as outlining the added value services we offer which include marketing/ box office, production, catering, merchandising, stage door control and security. For further details please make an enquiry with Founders Theatre.

Event Services Coordinator

You will be assigned an Event Coordinator for your event that will have overall event-day responsibility for the venue, stage door control and security, box office, merchandising, catering, all staff and any other aspect of the event that impacts on the public including emergencies.


The city and the region represent a unique market and specialised local knowledge will help you to reach audiences.  Founders Theatre sees the sales process as a partnership and are committed to work with you in maximising your sales success. Founders Theatre can provide advice on professional campaign development, media buying rates and access to a wide range of distribution channels. For further details please make an enquiry with Founders Theatre.


Founders Theatre can provide merchandising service.


Following your event the Production Services Coordinator or the Event Coordinator will ask you to sign off on leaving the venue. You will also be required to complete a Venue Condition Checklist and a feedback form.  The Event Coordinator may also ask for autographs on posters for our archives.


The Event Coordinator will provide you with an Interim Settlement (O&OE) prior to you leaving the venue and Founders Theatre will provide Final Settlement within seven working days.

For full venue hire terms & conditions please refer to the Hamilton City Council H3 General Terms & Conditions of Venue Hire document.

Health and Safety

Founders Theatre keeps a high standard of health and safety across its three venues and our staff have extensive training in first aid and emergency procedures.

Founders Theatre have control over the health and safety aspects of the venue, however it is expected that you, as a hirer, will plan your own health and safety plan for the event and provide details to the Event Services Manager at Founders Theatre prior to the day of the event.

You will comply with and operate under the Guide for Safe Working Practices in the New Zealand Theatre and Entertainment Industry at all times.  Click here to see Safe Working Practices.

Founders Theatre shall control all aspects of an emergency evacuation, however the Event Coordinator is expected to be familiar with the procedures prior to the event day and hirers are to comply with all instructions by Founders Theatre staff in an emergency.