The Defining Brave Tour
30th July, 2013

Massive Company hits the road for their 2013 North Island Tour of their celebrated production THE BRAVE.

Eight men take to the stage to boldly declare THIS IS ME, with the hope that their stories will encourage those young & young at heart to say ‐ I AM, WE ARE, THE BRAVE.

In 2012, audiences flocked to the premier Auckland season at Q and Mangere Arts Centre, with signs and banners held high to see the BRAVE cast lay it all on the line.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of THE BRAVE.

Starring: Neil Amituanai, Dominic Ona‐Ariki, Leki Jackson, Bourke, Scott Cotter, Todd Emerson, Beulah Koale, Jonny Moffatt & Andy Sani.

What is THE BRAVE?

Combining true confessions with raw athleticism, this 75 minute show explores how young men find their strength through family, love, loss, fear, hope, belonging and brotherhood.

It’s time to man up!